Unboxing Best Gaming Bluetooth Headphone - Onikuma B90

In this blog, we will unbox Onikuma B90 Headphones and check this headphone's voice quality and Mic quality.

The Onikuma B90 headphones are a gaming headset produced by Onikuma, a Chinese manufacturer of gaming peripherals.

However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I needed help finding specific information about the Onikuma B90 model. 

It's possible that this model was released after my knowledge cutoff or that it's a regional variant or an unofficial model.

In general, gaming headsets from Onikuma are known for their affordable pricing and decent performance.

They often feature virtual surround sound, noise cancellation, adjustable headbands, and built-in microphones.

They are primarily designed for gaming purposes, providing an immersive audio experience and clear communication with other players.

  • Sound Quality: Gaming headsets generally offer high-quality audio with features like virtual surround sound or 7.1 channel audio, providing an immersive gaming experience.
  • Comfortable Design: Many gaming headsets prioritize comfort with features such as adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and lightweight construction to ensure long gaming sessions without discomfort.
  • Noise Cancellation: Some gaming headsets incorporate noise-canceling technology to minimize background noise, allowing you to focus on the game and communicate clearly with teammates.
  • Microphone: Gaming headsets typically include a built-in microphone for in-game communication or voice chat. Some models may feature a retractable or detachable microphone for convenience.
  • Wired/Wireless Connectivity: Gaming headsets can be either wired or wireless. Wired headsets offer a reliable connection, while wireless headsets provide freedom of movement without cables.
  • Controls and Compatibility: Headsets often have built-in controls for volume adjustment, microphone muting, and sometimes additional features like equalizers. They are usually compatible with multiple platforms, including PC, consoles (PlayStation, Xbox), and mobile devices.
  • Durability: Gaming headsets are designed to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions and are typically constructed with durable materials.
  • LED Lighting: Some gaming headsets feature LED lighting on the ear cups or other parts, adding a visual aesthetic that matches gaming setups or personal preferences.


  • A headphone.
  • Manual / Instruction Book.
  • A Charging-Wire.
  • A Headphone-Wire.

It is in Pink color.
It is an Adjustable headphone.
Buttons are available for increasing, or decreasing volume, playing, stopping, and turning on buttons.
Lightning is also available.
It connects with Bluetooth.
It is noise cancellation, I tried it and I can`t listen to my own voice using headphones.
Voice Quality is very awesome.
I tried it to connect with wire and seriously voice quality is perfect.
I have tried the Mic quality also, firstly connects with Bluetooth, and the Mic quality is also good.


Secure Your Crypto in Wallet - Crypto Wallet

In this blog, we will talk about crypto wallets and learn to create a crypto wallet on trust wallet simply and easily.

A crypto wallet, also known as a cryptocurrency wallet, is a software program or a physical device that allows individuals to securely store, manage, and interact with their digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies.

It provides a way to securely store private keys, essentially cryptographic codes that grant access to the user's digital funds on the blockchain.

Normally, whenever you start using crypto wallets, first you have to need to create an account in exchange for trading.

Exchanges are Binance, OKEX, etc.

All exchanges are centralized, they give you a username and password.

You can trade through their funds.

But the funds are property of exchange, you are only a member of their funds.

This type of exchange is not secure, because your funds are not safe, they can be hacked.

In the past, most of the exchanges are hacked and the user`s account had empty.

If you want to keep Bitcoin or any other coin for the long term, these exchanges are risky for it.

These exchanges can be closed.


If you want to keep crypto for the long term so there is a solution use CRYPTO WALLET.

Crypto Wallets are Decentralized.

You can Manage your currency on your own.

If you are creating an account in Crypto Wallet, you will be provided a 12 or 24-word list this is also known as KEY.

Your all funds are saved in this KEY.

You can log in anywhere by using this KEY.

This KEY is very secure and private, if Hackers know the KEY then your account can be hacked.

You should write this KEY securely and save it always.

This KEY is not kept in your system or online it can be hacked or crashed, simply write on a page and keep it to your important documents.

There are many wallets you can create your crypto wallet but I am using TRUST WALLET.


It is a big Crypto platform.

It supports 4.5 million digital assets.

It is available on Android and iPhones, and you can use it as a Chrome extension also.


Goto google play and search Trust Wallet.

Download it.

It is made by DApps Platform, inc.

Click Open.

If you have already created an account then simply login in a way like this.

Click I already have a wallet.

Click Multi-coin Wallet.

In the first field, you have to write The Name.

In the Second field, you have to Write a KEY(12 words secret word list).

If you are new in a wallet then create an account in this way.

After opening an application of Trust Wallet.


It will be asked how will save your KEY so click it manually.

Click Backup Manually.

Tick all fields.

Click Continue.

Then 12 words will be shown so write in a document or paper and save carefully.

Write it and then Write it in a sequence.


Unboxing of Most Tranding Flame Air Diffuser & Humidifier

In this blog, we will unbox and review the most trending flame air diffuser and humidifiers.

A flame air diffuser is a type of aromatherapy diffuser that uses heat to disperse essential oils into the air.

These diffusers typically use a small candle or tea light to generate heat and are designed to create a warm, cozy ambiance in any room.

To use a flame air diffuser, you simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a small dish or bowl located on top of the diffuser.

Then, you light the candle or tea light, which heats up the bowl and causes the essential oil to evaporate and disperse into the air.

Flame air diffusers are a simple and affordable way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your home or office.

They are often made of ceramic, glass, or metal and come in a variety of designs and colors to match any d├ęcor.


  • Heat-based diffusion: Flame air diffusers rely on heat to disperse essential oils into the air. They usually use a small candle or tea light to generate the heat.
  • Aromatherapy benefits: Flame air diffusers are designed to create a warm and cozy ambiance while diffusing essential oils into the air. These oils can help to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve mood.
  • Decorative design: Most flame air diffusers come in decorative designs and can add an aesthetic touch to any room. They are often made of ceramic, glass, or metal and can be found in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Easy to use: Flame air diffusers are typically easy to use. You simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a small dish or bowl located on top of the diffuser, light the candle or tea light, and enjoy the aromatic benefits.
  • Affordable: Flame air diffusers are generally more affordable than other types of aromatherapy diffusers. They are a great option for those who want to experience the benefits of aromatherapy without breaking the bank.
  • Portable: Many flame air diffusers are small and portable, making them easy to move from room to room or to take with you on the go.



  • An instruction Book.
  • Data cable(Type C).
  • A diffuser.

The quality is good.

Here are two buttons, one is on and off, and the second is for changing colors.

There are many colors with fog.

It shows maximum line For water.

How to use it?

Put some water according to the maximum line.

Put some perfume or essential oil for fragrance.

Insert Type C wire, and connect it power bank or charger.

Turn on the button to start, and you can change the colors.

It will throw some vapors with light.

Overall, a flame air diffuser is a great way to add ambiance and aromatherapy benefits to your home or office.

Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using a flame air diffuser or any type of aromatherapy diffuser.


Unboxing Best Gaming headphone with Noise Cancellation - Onikuma X20 RGB

In this blog, we will unbox Onikuma X20 RGB Headphones and check this headphone's voice and Mic quality.

The Onikuma X20 RGB headphone is a gaming headset that features a striking design with colorful RGB lighting.

It has a 50mm driver provides clear and immersive sound quality for gaming, music, and movies.

It is a noise cancellation set.

The headphone has a built-in omnidirectional microphone that delivers clear voice communication for online gaming or video conferencing.

The microphone can be easily adjusted or muted using the in-line control.

The Onikuma X20 RGB headphone also comes with comfortable and adjustable earmuffs and a headband that provides a snug fit for extended gaming sessions.

Additionally, the headphone's RGB lighting adds a stylish touch to the overall design and can be customized using the software provided.

The headphone is compatible with various devices, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile phones.

It has a 3.5mm audio jack that allows for easy and quick plug-and-play connectivity.

I have ordered it from AliExpress.



  • A Manual.
  • A headphone.
  • Wire.


Design is very unique and professional gaming style.

The wire is long enough and the quality is very good, it is very thick and solid.

It will fully cover your ears to be safe from noise.

It is very comfortable and adjustable.

It has a remote in wire to control sound.

The voice quality is also the best.

It has RGB color.

Overall, the Onikuma X20 RGB headphone is an excellent choice for gamers who want a headset that offers impressive audio quality, clear voice communication, and a unique and eye-catching design.


How to use Binance OCO Order in easy way | OCO Buy Order | OCO Sell Order

In this blog, I will explain in an easy way how you can use OCO in Binance for BUY orders and SELL orders in an easy way.

I will tell you in simple words How OCO use in Binance.

OCO stands for "Once cancel others".

OCO is a "Combination of Limit and Stop limit".

In OCO limit Orders and Stop limit Orders are put together for both Buy and Sell.

OCO Buy And Sell Orders:

Open Binance Application.

Select any coin that you want to buy.

Go market.

Click spot.

Select a coin for example BNB.

Select OCO (Once cancel others).

In this OCO we set two orders while one order is a success then another order is automatically canceled.

Her in this Picture I set Two orders, one is limit, and another is stop limit.

If the market will be gone in down then the coin is purchased at 250 prices.

Or Else, In the second order, If Coin will be increased to 300 prices then, the order will be placed at 305 prices, and it will purchase automatically 100%.

In the last Click Buy BNB.

If the Market goes down Limit orders will be done.

If the Market goes up the Stop Limit orders will be done.

 Here you can see there are two orders are placed.

If one order is successful then the other will be canceled.

OCO for Sell Orders:

Select sell any coin.

Select OCO.

In the first order, I set a limit that if the Market goes up to 350 prices, then it will be sold automatically.

But I have one fear if the Market goes down so there I should set a stop limit feature that when the Market goes down at 250 in price, and then at 240 prices are sold 100%.

Click Sell BNB.

There are two orders set to sell coins.

SO their loss will be less and profit will be good.

 Here you can see there are two orders are placed.

If one order is successful then the other will be canceled.

If the Market goes up Limit orders will be done.

If the Market goes down the Stop Limit orders will be done.


Unboxing Lenovo ThinkLife SSD 1TB ST800 - Review And Speed Test

In this blog, I will unbox Lenovo SSD Model ST800, I will show you a close-up look at this drive and after that, we will test the speed of this SSD drive.

This is a 1TB hard drive.

This is 10X faster than HDD hard drive.

The Lenovo ThinkLife SSD ST800 is a 1TB solid-state drive that uses the SATA III interface. It is designed to be a high-performance storage solution, with fast read and write speeds and a durable design that can withstand wear and tear.

The ST800 is a variant of the Lenovo ThinkPad SSD, which is a series of solid-state drives designed for use in Lenovo's ThinkPad line of laptops. The ThinkPad SSDs are known for their reliability and performance and are often used as upgrades for older laptops with slower hard drives.


I have ordered it from AliExpress.


  • Four Screws.
  • An SSD.

Speed Test of Lenovo ThinkLife SSD 1TB ST800:

Let's connect the SSD drive to the laptop.

Select our drive, in the New folder.

Select 1GB file.

Now we will check the Read speed and Write speed.

You can see that Read speed is very good and write speed is also very good.


Dinosaur Miposaur Unboxing

In this blog, I will unbox Robotic Dinosaur Miposaur, I will unbox this toy then we will test all hand gestures after this we will play with his trace ball and then connect to the application.

Here we have Intelligent Robot.

He has more functionalities:

  • He can understand hand gestures.
  • If you cover his eyes, he will react.
  • He can sit.
  • He can crack his ball.
  • He can sleep also.
  • He can get angry.
  • You can control him with a mobile application (Android, IOS).
  • It is an AI robot.

It is designed to be interactive and responsive, with the ability to respond to hand gestures and track objects using a built-in sensor.

The Miposaur has several different modes, including a remote control mode, a gesture control mode, and a mode where it can follow a trackball around. It also has various sensors that allow it to react to different stimuli, such as being patted on the head or pulling its tail.



  • A Dinosaur.
  • A Track Ball.
  • Instruction Book.

It has a moveable tail.

When we clap, it will react.

We have to insert Battery cells.

The trackball also has a button, we have to insert Battery cells in it.

  1. Gesture Control: The Miposaur can be controlled through hand gestures, allowing users to move it around and make it perform various actions.
  2. Trackball Control: The Miposaur can follow a trackball, which can be used to guide it around and perform various tricks.
  3. Autonomous Mode: The Miposaur can roam around on its own, avoiding obstacles and responding to stimuli.
  4. App Control: The Miposaur can be controlled using a mobile app, which allows users to access additional features and play games.
  5. Battle Mode: When in range of other WowWee robotic toys, such as the MiPosaur or Mini Roboraptor, the Miposaur can engage in battles and interact with other toys.
  6. Sound Effects: The Miposaur has various sound effects that it can make, such as roaring and growling.
  7. LED Lights: The Miposaur has built-in LED lights that can change colors and provide visual feedback.

The Miposaur has a range of functionalities that make it an engaging and interactive toy, providing hours of fun for children and adults alike.


Download MIPosaur app.

Open application.

First, Connect it.

Now you can make a route to it.

You can move left to right and up to down.

You can eat his food.


When I am using it, It is not moving on the route which I told him, Not getting hand gestures, and not controlling by Trackball, I am using good and new batteries in it but I do not know why he is not getting me properly which is watch in advertising not same as it is.


Digital Fraud In Pakistan & India | E-Commerce Fraud| Fake Calls From Official Number

In this blog, I will share information about how scammers scam us, and how they call us from official Bank numbers. Secure yourself from these types of fraud. We will discuss E-Commerece Fraud in this blog.

Nowadays many people face digital fraud.

Fake Calls are coming by random numbers and official numbers, they say many sentences like you won some amount in the program, the Company wants to verify your Bank account, Your account is blocked we want to verify, we want your data your credit card details, we have sent OTP tell me your OTP number, these are all frauds.

In this blog, we know the knowledge about how scammers use us and what is precautions.


  • Spoof calling involves manipulating caller ID information with the intent to deceive or defraud individuals, which is a criminal offense in many jurisdictions.
  • Suddenly call is coming from official numbers on your mobile like from the bank, police stations, or relatives, you think that it is a trusted person official person but it can be a scammer.
  • Scammers can call you from a landline number, mobile number, and any official number.
  • Scammers can take your original data and then fraud with you.
  • Never tell your OTP number which is sent to your mobile number.
  • Never share your bank details with callers.
  • Their calls are more like real calls.
  • Scammers call through spoofing caller ID.

eCommerce SCAM:

You see many eCommerce websites like Facebook groups, and Facebook pages where many good things and products are sold on budget and offers.

There are many ads shown in many applications, and you click and buy products, Thats mean you share your data with them, and your money is wasted on bad products.

Do not trust ads or any spoofing offers they can be a fraud.

E-commerce fraud refers to the use of fraudulent or illegal activities to carry out financial transactions in online marketplaces or e-commerce platforms. These activities can involve the use of stolen credit card information, identity theft, fake accounts, or other means to deceive or defraud legitimate merchants and customers.

E-commerce fraud can take many forms, including:

  1. Card-not-present (CNP) fraud: This type of fraud occurs when a fraudster uses stolen credit card information to make purchases online, without the physical presence of the card.
  2. Identity theft: This occurs when a fraudster steals personal information such as name, address, social security number, or date of birth, and uses it to create fraudulent accounts or make unauthorized purchases.
  3. Chargebacks: A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a legitimate transaction, typically claiming that they did not receive the product or service they paid for. However, in some cases, this can be used as a fraudulent tactic to obtain a refund for a product that they did receive.
  4. Phishing scams: These involve the use of fraudulent emails or websites that mimic legitimate companies, with the intent to steal login credentials or personal information.

To prevent e-commerce fraud, online merchants and customers can take several measures such as using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, monitoring transactions regularly, and using secure payment methods. It's also important to be cautious when sharing personal information or clicking on links in emails or messages, especially if they are unsolicited or suspicious.


Binance Order History | Binance Trade History | Binance Transaction History

In this blog, I will show you how you can check your order and trade history easily from your Binance application.

I will tell you that If you purchase a coin in Binance, Trading, sell and buy, set orders, put limits, coin purchases in p2p, or send USDT to another account, All types of History, You can check simply.

You can compare your sold coin price to the current coin price.


There are a few steps to know the information about Binance's History.

I will tell you step by step and in simple words.

To view your Binance order history, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Binance Application.

Step 2: Click More.

Step 3: Click Orders.

All Orders and history are saved here.

The first option is Open Orders:

Open orders are like stalk limits, limits orders, etc.

The order is filled: This means that your buy or sell order has been executed at the price you specified, and the corresponding amount of the asset has been credited to your account.

The order is canceled: This means that you have manually canceled the order before it was executed.

The order expires: This means that the order was not executed within the specified time period, and it has been automatically canceled by the system.

The Second option is Orders History:

In the order history, you can see details such as the order type, price, amount, and status of each order.

All successful and canceled orders are placed here.

You can check the order details of every coin.

You can check data about Orders as well as trading.

The Third option is Trade History:

In Trade History you can only check trading information.

What you sold and bought here.

It refers to the record of all your executed trades on the exchange. This includes all buys and sells that have been completed.

You can see details such as the trade type, price, amount, and status of each trade. You can also filter your trade history by specific trading pairs or time periods to help you analyze your trading activity.

Here is a Filter option also provided, you can filter data according to date, etc.

You can check according to week, month, and so on.

Step 4: For checking p2p buy history, deposit history, withdrawal history, etc.

Click Wallet.

Select Spot.

Click here which is shown in the picture.

After that, it will show you All history of coins.


Deposit History refers to the record of all the deposits you have made to your Binance account. This includes all cryptocurrency deposits, as well as deposits made through bank transfers, credit cards, and other payment methods.

In the withdrawal history, you can also see the status of each withdrawal, whether it has been completed or is still processing. If a withdrawal is processing, it means that the transaction is still being confirmed on the blockchain or by the payment processor

When you buy direct from a credit card it Shows in Buy.

There is many of history on this page like Sell, Convert, Trades, Transfer, Distributions, BNB convert, Auto convert, etc.


Unbelievable Review of the 68 Piece Black and Decker LDX120PK Tool Kit.

In this Blog, I will review 'The Black And Decker LDX120PK Tool Kit ' and show you all 68 items I got with this Drill. I will let you know how to use this drill and we will test some items on wood. 

Today we have Black and Decker Drill.

  • This is cordless which means there is no wire in this drill, it is wire-free, and This Is Battery Operated.
  • It comes with 68 pieces.
  • We can use it for many purposes.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • The grip of this drill is perfect.

The Black and Decker LDX120PK tool kit is a 68-piece set that includes a range of tools for various tasks. Some of the tools included in the kit are:

  • Drill/driver: This is a cordless drill that can be used for drilling holes and driving screws.
  • Bits and accessories: The kit includes a range of drill bits and screwdriver bits, as well as magnetic bit holders and nut drivers.
  • Hand tools: The kit includes pliers, wrenches, and a tape measure.
  • Screwdrivers: The kit includes both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers in various sizes.
  • Level: The kit includes a bubble level for ensuring your projects are straight and level.
  • Storage case: The tools come in a durable storage case for easy organization and transport.


This Drill machine comes with 68 pieces and 20volt lithium Battery power.

First of all, HOW to charge the battery, A charger comes with a charger insert in the battery.

These are both connected to each other.

After charging Battery connects to the drill machine.

For removing press the orange square button.

There is a LED light also when you are working in dark places you can use it.

There are 10 positions for adjustment.

You can use the drill machine in reverse and forward directions by pressing the button.


  • Set of pliers: Three pliers, Long nose pliers also use for cutting wires.
  • Set of Screwdrivers: Two universal screwdrivers.
  • A Driver: Simply put a metallic stick and lock it, insert a bit into it.
  • Set of Screwdrivers/ Set of Bits/ Set of screws.
  • Set of drills used in wood or board, a little bit of hole into the wall also.
  • Set of drill sizes.
  • Set of cutters to make a hole, there are many sizes.
  • A Hammer.
  • A measurement tap.
  • Charger.
  • Battery.
  • Machine.
  • A Handy bag.
  • Instruction paper and card.

I have been impressed with the overall quality of the kit, particularly the cordless drill/driver. The drill is powerful and easy to use, and the battery life is long-lasting. Customers have also appreciated the variety of accessories included in the kit, as they provide a good selection of tools for most home repair and maintenance tasks.

Overall, the Black and Decker LDX120PK tool kit is a great choice for homeowners who need a reliable drill/driver and a set of basic hand tools for tackling a variety of tasks around the house.


How to use Limit on Binance

In this Blog, I will show you how to use a LIMIT feature on Binance for auto-sell an auto-buy.

If you want to buy low and sell high without viewing the application then this Blog is for you.

If you use the LIMIT feature you can get high profit.

First, Open Application.

Go in which coin you buy or sell.


I select the BNB coin in USDT pair.

Select a coin and click Buy.

In the first, Field Select the LIMIT option.

In the LIMIT feature, When a coin is down so automatically it will be bought.

Here BNB coin is 302 and when it goes down toward the limit is 280 so it will automatically be bought.

Click Buy BNB, and an order is set.


Select SELL as a shortcut.

And another method.

I select the BNB coin in USDT pair.

Select a coin and click Sell.

In the first, Field Select the LIMIT option.

In the LIMIT feature, When a coin Increases so automatically it will be Selled.

Whenever you think that this coin will be increased so you can use this feature Limit to sell.

Now BNB is 302 value.

I want to sell it when BNB comes in 320 value.

Select limit it 320 and 100% BNB sell when a coin increases.

To set an order click sell BNB.

Here you get more profit and are safe from loss.


Create A Talking Avatar In Any Language

In this Tutorial, I will show you how you can create AI HUMAN / AI Avatar Free and also these avatars can talk into your language. So what are you waiting for? Join this website now and learn something new.


An AI avatar refers to a digital representation of a person, often created using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

These avatars can be used in various applications such as virtual assistants, customer service chatbots, gaming characters, and social media profiles.

AI avatars are typically designed to mimic human behavior, speech, and facial expressions to create a more natural and engaging user interaction.

This is achieved by programming the avatar with algorithms that enable it to understand and respond to user input in a way that simulates human-like intelligence.

The use of AI avatars is becoming increasingly popular, especially in fields such as customer service and education, where they can provide personalized and efficient assistance to large numbers of people simultaneously.

However, the technology is still in its early stages and there are concerns about the potential ethical implications of creating highly realistic digital replicas of people.


I will teach you how to create a talking AI avatar in any language.

You can Select any language in this tutorial.

You can Select any voice like child, woman, man, or older.

You can select the Speed of voice.

You can change the background and design.

You can make your own avatar.


Open Website: https://app.heygen.com/guest/templates?cid=925e3beb&from=moviola

Create your account first then 

So there are two modes for video Landscape or Portrait.

By default, the option is template,you can select any template and click Use this template.

You can change text, resize an image, Background, etc.

If you want to do all your own customization rather than use a template you can also customize.

You can change the avatar.

You can select filters on the top like Gender, Style, etc.

Select Any avatar.

There is an option to create an avatar in portrait or landscape.

I have selected landscape.

I am customizing it, Selecting language, and typing my own words which are told by avatar.

On the Right side select any language.

I wrote something in my language and played it.

You can also 

  •  Write a script by selecting Text Script for avatar speaking.
  •  Upload your voice by Click Audio script 
  • Add more avatars and Templates by Clicking the Plus + button.
  • Add a Text bar in the avatar on the left side, and select Text.
  • You can Select Elements like Background, Sticker, Icon, Etc By Clicking Elements on the left side.
  • Upload assets by clicking Assets on the left sidebar.
So lipsing animation comes after submitting an avatar
The voice is perfect after editing but the animation is not working in the editing phase,When you are submitting Avatars first, you should create your account.After creating an account you will get 1 minute free and on every referral you will get free credits.

When you submit your avatar video after generating it animation is started.

You can download a video and share it with any application.


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