Create A Talking Avatar In Any Language

In this Tutorial, I will show you how you can create AI HUMAN / AI Avatar Free and also these avatars can talk into your language. So what are you waiting for? Join this website now and learn something new.


An AI avatar refers to a digital representation of a person, often created using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

These avatars can be used in various applications such as virtual assistants, customer service chatbots, gaming characters, and social media profiles.

AI avatars are typically designed to mimic human behavior, speech, and facial expressions to create a more natural and engaging user interaction.

This is achieved by programming the avatar with algorithms that enable it to understand and respond to user input in a way that simulates human-like intelligence.

The use of AI avatars is becoming increasingly popular, especially in fields such as customer service and education, where they can provide personalized and efficient assistance to large numbers of people simultaneously.

However, the technology is still in its early stages and there are concerns about the potential ethical implications of creating highly realistic digital replicas of people.


I will teach you how to create a talking AI avatar in any language.

You can Select any language in this tutorial.

You can Select any voice like child, woman, man, or older.

You can select the Speed of voice.

You can change the background and design.

You can make your own avatar.


Open Website:

Create your account first then 

So there are two modes for video Landscape or Portrait.

By default, the option is template,you can select any template and click Use this template.

You can change text, resize an image, Background, etc.

If you want to do all your own customization rather than use a template you can also customize.

You can change the avatar.

You can select filters on the top like Gender, Style, etc.

Select Any avatar.

There is an option to create an avatar in portrait or landscape.

I have selected landscape.

I am customizing it, Selecting language, and typing my own words which are told by avatar.

On the Right side select any language.

I wrote something in my language and played it.

You can also 

  •  Write a script by selecting Text Script for avatar speaking.
  •  Upload your voice by Click Audio script 
  • Add more avatars and Templates by Clicking the Plus + button.
  • Add a Text bar in the avatar on the left side, and select Text.
  • You can Select Elements like Background, Sticker, Icon, Etc By Clicking Elements on the left side.
  • Upload assets by clicking Assets on the left sidebar.
So lipsing animation comes after submitting an avatar
The voice is perfect after editing but the animation is not working in the editing phase,When you are submitting Avatars first, you should create your account.After creating an account you will get 1 minute free and on every referral you will get free credits.

When you submit your avatar video after generating it animation is started.

You can download a video and share it with any application.



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