How To Use Stop Limit For Take Profit And For Stop Loss On Binance

In this Blog, I will show you how you can use the STOP LIMIT feature on Binance. you can use this feature for Profit and for STOP LOSS. 

Must use this feature if you want to trade the safe side and want to earn something good.

You bought a coin but it will be highly increased.

Suddenly you see a market after sleeping, coin value is more decreases.

You are going to lose.

You buy a coin at some price and suddenly it is going down.

In the second condition you are not using the application and the coin increases, it is the best time for selling but you are busy with some work.

There is a solution to this problem STOP LIMIT.

I will tell you how you can make a profit from this feature and also how you can save yourself from loss.


Now I am using an application to take profit from this feature.

Open Application.

Click Wallet.

Click Spot.

There are many coins shown which are bought.

Click any coin which you bought.

Here I set an order that when the coin increases and I set a limit that on this limit my coin automatically sells.

First, Select Stop Limit.

Set an order that when the coin comes in 320.

Sell a coin on 315.

All 100% amount will be sold.

Click SEll BNB.

Here is shown an order.

Order trigger when the coin comes in 320.


Now I am telling you how to stop loss using the Stop limit feature.

Open Application.

Click Wallet.

Click Spot.

There are many coins shown which are bought.

Click any coin which you bought.

I Selected BNB.

For Example, if You buy a coin at night time and you sleep then the coin value suddenly decreases, So here is a solution to save a coin value from losing.

Stop limit save from the dump.

Here I set an order that when the coin increases and I set a limit that on this limit my coin automatically sells.

First, Select Stop Limit.

Set an order that when the coin comes in 290.

Sell a coin on 285.

All 100% amount will be sold.

May be coin is going down more so I have to save my coin.

Click SEll BNB.

My coin will be sold on which I set a limit, there will be a little bit of loss but it is a safe thing for me that I escape from large losses.

You can change the order according to the market if you are seeing the application.


How To Buy and Sell Any Coin On Binance 2023

In this blog, I will show you how you can easily buy and sell any crypto coin on Binance with a single click.

In the previous blog we purchased USDT, Now USDT is in your account, and We will buy a coin and then sell it.

I will tell you Step by Step.

First, we buy a coin from Binance.


Open Binance Application.

Click On Market.

Select Spot at the top.

Select USDT, because USDT is available in our account.

There are many coins available.

I want to buy ETH/USDT, click here.

Click the BUY button.

In the first Field Select Market for market price.

You can directly write the amount in USDT or can select Percentage.

Select Buy ETH.

Check whether Eth is in your account or not.

Select Wallet.

Go Spot.

Search ETH.

Sell coins From the Binance application.


Open Binance Application.

Click On Market.

Select Spot at the top.

Select USDT, because USDT is available in our account.

Select ETH/USDT.

Click the SELL button at the bottom.

Select Market.

I am selling 100% amount.

Select Sell ETH.

All ETH coins are sold and converted into USDT, the USDT amount is now in my wallet.

For Checking to Select Wallet.

Search USDT.


How To Buy USDT On BINANCE In Pakistan & India P2P | Step By Step | Live DEAL

In this blog, we will purchase USDT from Binance using the P2P method available in Binance. I will tell you today how to purchase Safely and which points You should check before purchasing from the seller.

If you want to trade and buy a cryptocurrency coin, you need USDT first.

You can easily purchase USDT through the Binance app.

If you are from Pakistan you can purchase it through NAYApay, JazzCash, and your bank account.

If you are from India you can purchase it through PhonePay, UPI, Pay TM, and bank account and etc.

USDT is a stablecoin, Its value will be the same in other years.

Many other coins are unstable they can be changed in price value.

BUY USDT from Binance:

Open Binance application.

Click it.

Click P2P trading.

You can also come here by another method.

Click wallet, click funding, and click P2P.


Scroll down and check the seller's information.

What is your payment method? select a Payment method.

See the completion Ration, and how many trades? of the seller.

Check the crypto amount How much amount you want? match it.

I will select a Seller who has more trades and the completion ratio is also good, also check the limitation of the amount.

Click buy.

You can mention your amount in price or USDT.

If the seller has this amount that you wrote in the field, it will give otherwise refresh again and find another seller.

Click buy with 0 fees.

There will be the name of the seller and information shown.

Go Chat, Confirm whether he is online or not.

If he is offline so search for another seller.

If online then click Make payment.

Copy Seller`s Bank account number.

Open your Bank app, select Seller`s bank, and put the account number here, and confirm Title Name.

Send him the amount, and purpose online purchase.

Take a screenshot of sending information.

Then click Transfer Notify Seller in your Binance app.

Send also messages and screenshots.

If Seller is not giving you USDT you can report it.

Seller gives USDT then the Screen will be changed automatically.

Click Done.


Click Wallet, Click Funding, and Click Transfer.

Select Spot.

Select Amount.

and click Confirm Transfer.


How To Create And Verify Binance Account 2023 | Step by Step

In This blog, I will show you how to create a Binance account and verify a Binance account. It doesn't matters if you don't have an English ID card or if you are less than 18.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies.

Binance has become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by trading volume and offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for trading, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. 

Create an Account:

Click this link for Registration:

You can sign up with your Email or Phone number, and also check mark agree terms and conditions.

Click personal account.

Verify Email through a code.

Open your Gmail account and there will be an email, copy the code from the Email and paste it into the finance account page.

After Verify Email click the bottom button "Verify Now" again for more verifications.

It will ask you, DO you want to use the Binance application or Browser?

The best option is to select Binance Application because you will be trading from this app.

Now First of all download the Binance app and install it.

Open the Play Store and write Binance and download it.

Open App and log in here, with the same Email and password you used in the browser for making an account.

After it, now Confirm New Device Login, write again Email here, code is sent to your Gmail account, copy the code and paste it into an application.

Again the same page will be shown for verifications.

Now Click Unverified.

After it click the Start Now button.

Complete all fields.

Middle names can be skipped.

Write your real name like your bank account details.

Give details same which are on your ID card.

Now Document Verification.

You can use your National card but it should be in the English language, You can use your brother's or friend's, or relative's ID card.

You can use Passport also.

The card Should be original.

Card Should not be Expired.

The first step is to Place the Front image of the ID card.

You can retake the image if it is blurry.

Now the Second step is to place the Backside of the ID card.

in the last click continue it.

 Now Face recognition process is starts.

Follow the instructions which are told by the application.

After face recognition, verification goes in pending at least wait 2 days for verification complete.


Wifi Smart Switch Unboxing And Testing | Wifi Smart Socket | Make Your All Devices Smart

If you want to make all your devices smart and if you want to control your devices from your smartphone then this blog is for you.

A WiFi smart socket is a device that connects to your home's WiFi network and allows you to control the power supply to any device plugged into it remotely. It provides an easy and convenient way to automate the electrical appliances in your home, such as lamps, fans, electrical geezers, etc.

All Electrical items can be controlled by your cell phones.

I purchased it because I have an electrical geezer, so I have to turn it on early in the morning and wait 30 or 40 minutes until the water is warm, after that I can use it, and being late to the office, It is a headache for me.

This switch is a solution, I simply set the timing before I get up, and when the water is warmed then I get up and shower.

It is a very useful switch and the best product for me, I can control it with a single click.

I can see how much electricity it consumes, daily or monthly all records are saved.

Using a smartphone app or voice control, you can turn on or off the device plugged into the smart socket, set schedules for when it should turn on or off, or even monitor energy usage. Some smart sockets also come with additional features such as power consumption monitoring, energy-saving modes, and compatibility with smart home ecosystems like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.


It is 13Ampere.

It can support large electronic devices.

Here you can see two universal plugs, two ports, and two touch buttons.

It can be used through an application and also can use touch or click buttons.

How to connect it?

There are three connections of wire.

  • Line wire.
  • Natural wire.
  • Earth wire


Now Connect line wire and natural wire into this, after it, blue lights of touch buttons will be opened.

Blue lights mean electricity is passing but the button is Turned off when we touch its red light will be opened, it means the button is Turned on.

This picture is showing it is turned off.

This picture is showing it is turned on.


First of all download the Smart Life application from the play store.

Now we have to add a device, click Add Device button.

Search wifi switch.

Now connect wifi.

Long press one touch button then it will blink for connections.

Confirm indicator is blinking.

After all are done there are two switches shown.

You can click any switch to Turn it on or Turn it off.

You can set the Alarm and countDown it.

You can see the reports of electricity consumed on a daily basis or monthly, click electrical quantity management.


Uncovering the Internet's Most Terrifying Secrets: What ARE the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web?

Discover the hidden corners of the internet with this informative blog. Learn about the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web a part of the internet often associated with illegal activities and horrific facts. Don't miss out on this eye-opening look at the different layers of the internet.

You are using only 4% part of the internet.

We will discuss layers of the internet.

There are three layers.

  1. Surface web.
  2. Deep web.
  3. Dark web.


The surface web is used by all common people.

Like, as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, all website, etc.

The surface web included index things, which can easily be in search engines.

No restriction, anybody can access it anywhere.

There is no need for permission.

There is no need for a username and password like Youtube.

 An example of a Surface web is, Sea, where people come and enjoy only access upper area, there is no knowledge of depth.

The Surface web cover 4% area of the internet


The deep web is also known as the Hidden web.

Their URL is not available on search engines these are hidden.

You need special URLs or codes, to access the Deep web.

You also need a username and password to access it.

An example of the Deep web is Banking, When you are using a banking online system, You have to log in first, You can do all transactions.

If you want to see your personal medical record, you have to log in with your username and password.

 The Deep web is for big companies like Legal Documents, agencies, Medical information, Cloud storage, etc.

Common people can't be reached there links or URLs.

The Deep web cover 90 - 92% area of the internet.


The concept of the Dark web is very different, I request you not access it, It is dangerous to you.

We can not access traditional browsers like Chrome, Google, Mozilla, Safari, etc.

Dark web URLs end with .onion 

The dark web only uses in secure anonymous browsers.

The Most Popular Browser is the TOR browser, an onion router.

It is ridiculous to name onion, which means there are more layers in onion therefore this browser contains many layers.

Websites on the Dark web are anonymous, as well as users are also anonymous.

The dark web is made for privacy concerns, for freedom of speech.

The generalist used it for sharing private reports.

This is a technology like you purchased a gun with a license, how to use it legally or illegally.

On the Dark web users use it illegally.

Now Criminals, undercover people, and dangerous people are using the Dark web, if they will use the surface web or the deep web they can be caught, and They can hide themselves on the Dark web.

There is a market of Theft, where are all stolen goods, Stolen data sell there.

Weapons are sold here.

Target killers are available here.

We can not deeply discuss the Dark web, all illegal works are done here online, and people`s meat also sells here, human blood also sells here, and they torture people.

I am feeling very bad for detailing the reality of the Dark web, there is a RED ROOM, where tortured a human, there is a streaming where 1 member is a master and other members are viewers, and one member who gives more money can instruct about torture and master follow his instructions.

We do not know about it, if anyone knows the reality, he killed.

They use crypto currency therefore they can not be caught by tracing information.

We do not need to access the Dark web, It is dangerous for us.

 ---- DISCLAIMER ----

The information provided in this video is for educational and 

informational purposes only. We do not condone or promote illegal 

activities and the use of the dark web should be done cautiously. 

The information provided in this video is not intended to be a 

substitute for professional advice.

Mr. Technie is not responsible for anything.

For a better understanding must watch a video.


Shop Securely with Virtual Cards - Risk-Free and Free | For Pakistan

I will tell you a way to pay your online payment securely without risk. Also, I will show you how you can generate cards for payment.

How to buy things online with a credit card?

How to use credit cards for online shopping?

Many people fear to do shopping online with their virtual cards, afraid of hackers who can steal their amount through bank details.

But in Amazon, youtube, AliExpress, Netflix, Hosting and etc, there is a system payment through credit card, only an online system there is no other services like Home cash delivery, etc.

Here is a secure solution for online payment without any scare or fear, your bank information will be safe and secure.

There are many bank services like UBL, HBL, NayaPay, etc, and they all are providing virtual Card services.

A virtual card is only for online payment this is not a physical card.

A virtual card is Digital Card.

This is provided by applications.

It has many features.

Like: you can control online payments, 

How much is online payment?

you can set limits, How many daily limits?

Freez features are best, I Unfreez when I want to do shopping online after it I Freez it.

If your data is leaked but you already have your card in Freez so that means it is a secure zone.

How to generate a virtual card?

In NayaPay :

Download NayaPay Application.

LogIn Nayapay.

Click Cards at the bottom.

There are two cards Physical Card and Virtual Card.

A physical card is provided physically, which we insert ATMs etc.

The second is the Virtual card.

There is an option of Freez which means it can be used anywhere.

If you want to use so click Unfreeze.

The second option is Reveal, It has all information on the card.

Spending Control, How much you want to spend money in a month.

You can set limits on the amount.

You can monitor Transactions.

In SADAPay :

Click My Cards.

You can Generate it.

You can copy, View, and freeze card.

In JazzCash :

Scroll Down.

Click on DebitCard.

I have already ordered Virtual Card.

You can block and transact here.

For a better understanding must watch a video.


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