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If you want to make all your devices smart and if you want to control your devices from your smartphone then this blog is for you.

A WiFi smart socket is a device that connects to your home's WiFi network and allows you to control the power supply to any device plugged into it remotely. It provides an easy and convenient way to automate the electrical appliances in your home, such as lamps, fans, electrical geezers, etc.

All Electrical items can be controlled by your cell phones.

I purchased it because I have an electrical geezer, so I have to turn it on early in the morning and wait 30 or 40 minutes until the water is warm, after that I can use it, and being late to the office, It is a headache for me.

This switch is a solution, I simply set the timing before I get up, and when the water is warmed then I get up and shower.

It is a very useful switch and the best product for me, I can control it with a single click.

I can see how much electricity it consumes, daily or monthly all records are saved.

Using a smartphone app or voice control, you can turn on or off the device plugged into the smart socket, set schedules for when it should turn on or off, or even monitor energy usage. Some smart sockets also come with additional features such as power consumption monitoring, energy-saving modes, and compatibility with smart home ecosystems like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.


It is 13Ampere.

It can support large electronic devices.

Here you can see two universal plugs, two ports, and two touch buttons.

It can be used through an application and also can use touch or click buttons.

How to connect it?

There are three connections of wire.

  • Line wire.
  • Natural wire.
  • Earth wire


Now Connect line wire and natural wire into this, after it, blue lights of touch buttons will be opened.

Blue lights mean electricity is passing but the button is Turned off when we touch its red light will be opened, it means the button is Turned on.

This picture is showing it is turned off.

This picture is showing it is turned on.


First of all download the Smart Life application from the play store.

Now we have to add a device, click Add Device button.

Search wifi switch.

Now connect wifi.

Long press one touch button then it will blink for connections.

Confirm indicator is blinking.

After all are done there are two switches shown.

You can click any switch to Turn it on or Turn it off.

You can set the Alarm and countDown it.

You can see the reports of electricity consumed on a daily basis or monthly, click electrical quantity management.



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