Uncovering the Internet's Most Terrifying Secrets: What ARE the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web?

Discover the hidden corners of the internet with this informative blog. Learn about the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web a part of the internet often associated with illegal activities and horrific facts. Don't miss out on this eye-opening look at the different layers of the internet.

You are using only 4% part of the internet.

We will discuss layers of the internet.

There are three layers.

  1. Surface web.
  2. Deep web.
  3. Dark web.


The surface web is used by all common people.

Like, as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, all website, etc.

The surface web included index things, which can easily be in search engines.

No restriction, anybody can access it anywhere.

There is no need for permission.

There is no need for a username and password like Youtube.

 An example of a Surface web is, Sea, where people come and enjoy only access upper area, there is no knowledge of depth.

The Surface web cover 4% area of the internet


The deep web is also known as the Hidden web.

Their URL is not available on search engines these are hidden.

You need special URLs or codes, to access the Deep web.

You also need a username and password to access it.

An example of the Deep web is Banking, When you are using a banking online system, You have to log in first, You can do all transactions.

If you want to see your personal medical record, you have to log in with your username and password.

 The Deep web is for big companies like Legal Documents, agencies, Medical information, Cloud storage, etc.

Common people can't be reached there links or URLs.

The Deep web cover 90 - 92% area of the internet.


The concept of the Dark web is very different, I request you not access it, It is dangerous to you.

We can not access traditional browsers like Chrome, Google, Mozilla, Safari, etc.

Dark web URLs end with .onion 

The dark web only uses in secure anonymous browsers.

The Most Popular Browser is the TOR browser, an onion router.

It is ridiculous to name onion, which means there are more layers in onion therefore this browser contains many layers.

Websites on the Dark web are anonymous, as well as users are also anonymous.

The dark web is made for privacy concerns, for freedom of speech.

The generalist used it for sharing private reports.

This is a technology like you purchased a gun with a license, how to use it legally or illegally.

On the Dark web users use it illegally.

Now Criminals, undercover people, and dangerous people are using the Dark web, if they will use the surface web or the deep web they can be caught, and They can hide themselves on the Dark web.

There is a market of Theft, where are all stolen goods, Stolen data sell there.

Weapons are sold here.

Target killers are available here.

We can not deeply discuss the Dark web, all illegal works are done here online, and people`s meat also sells here, human blood also sells here, and they torture people.

I am feeling very bad for detailing the reality of the Dark web, there is a RED ROOM, where tortured a human, there is a streaming where 1 member is a master and other members are viewers, and one member who gives more money can instruct about torture and master follow his instructions.

We do not know about it, if anyone knows the reality, he killed.

They use crypto currency therefore they can not be caught by tracing information.

We do not need to access the Dark web, It is dangerous for us.

 ---- DISCLAIMER ----

The information provided in this video is for educational and 

informational purposes only. We do not condone or promote illegal 

activities and the use of the dark web should be done cautiously. 

The information provided in this video is not intended to be a 

substitute for professional advice.

Mr. Technie is not responsible for anything.

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