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I will tell you a way to pay your online payment securely without risk. Also, I will show you how you can generate cards for payment.

How to buy things online with a credit card?

How to use credit cards for online shopping?

Many people fear to do shopping online with their virtual cards, afraid of hackers who can steal their amount through bank details.

But in Amazon, youtube, AliExpress, Netflix, Hosting and etc, there is a system payment through credit card, only an online system there is no other services like Home cash delivery, etc.

Here is a secure solution for online payment without any scare or fear, your bank information will be safe and secure.

There are many bank services like UBL, HBL, NayaPay, etc, and they all are providing virtual Card services.

A virtual card is only for online payment this is not a physical card.

A virtual card is Digital Card.

This is provided by applications.

It has many features.

Like: you can control online payments, 

How much is online payment?

you can set limits, How many daily limits?

Freez features are best, I Unfreez when I want to do shopping online after it I Freez it.

If your data is leaked but you already have your card in Freez so that means it is a secure zone.

How to generate a virtual card?

In NayaPay :

Download NayaPay Application.

LogIn Nayapay.

Click Cards at the bottom.

There are two cards Physical Card and Virtual Card.

A physical card is provided physically, which we insert ATMs etc.

The second is the Virtual card.

There is an option of Freez which means it can be used anywhere.

If you want to use so click Unfreeze.

The second option is Reveal, It has all information on the card.

Spending Control, How much you want to spend money in a month.

You can set limits on the amount.

You can monitor Transactions.

In SADAPay :

Click My Cards.

You can Generate it.

You can copy, View, and freeze card.

In JazzCash :

Scroll Down.

Click on DebitCard.

I have already ordered Virtual Card.

You can block and transact here.

For a better understanding must watch a video.



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