Unboxing the Boya Microphone M1 Pro: Is it Worth It?

Boya Microphone M1 Pro: Boya by-M1 pro clip-on lavalier mic is planned accompanying the new presenter and entertainer in mind. Whether you're attending a remote interview, giving a live performance, or record a podcast, this mic is outfitted to capture clear, prime sound.The clip-on design is a plain still critical feature concerning this microphone. It admits for hands-free movement, that is specifically favorable for presenters or performers the one need to use their hands all along their performance. 

This availability offers to one the one needs to record themselves without holding a mic or being tethered to a stand. In addition to the microphone's clip-on design, the -10 dB pad switch is another important feature that improves the Boya BY-M1 Pro's efficiency. This feature gives you control over the mic's sensitivity, admitting it to record more raucous speakers or visual and audio entertainment transmitted via radio waves sources outside deformity or overload. It supplies flexibility and control, permissive you to regulate the mic in accordance with the capacity and intensity of the visual and audio entertainment transmitted via radio waves source.

The omnidirectional polar pattern is another feature that sets the Boya BY-M1 Pro other than allure competitions. This feature admits the mic to find sound from all directions. Unlike unidirectional microphones that pick up sound from individual management, an omnidirectional mic captures sound from all angle, providing a more equalized and organic sound. This is particularly valuable for presenters or entertainers the one move around all along their performances or depictions. Powering the mic is an LR44 artillery protect in a capacity pack. This capacity pack serves different purposes. It not only powers the mic, but it too buildings the pad switch for regulating the mic's feeling and a headphone jack for sound listening. This multi-use makes it nearby and convenient, contribution various features in individual compact part.

Compatibility is another aspect where the Boya BY-M1 Pro excels. The microphone's power pack offers three settings, allowing it to be used with smartphones, cameras, or turned off when not in use to conserve power. This compatibility makes the Boya BY-M1 Pro a versatile microphone that can be used with a variety of devices. 

One of the standout features of the Boya BY-M1 Pro is its generous cable length. At 19.7 feet (6 meters), the cable provides plenty of room for movement while recording. This is particularly beneficial for those recording video content, where moving around is a part of the performance. 

Mic For Youtube: The Boya BY-M1 Pro also comes with several accessories to enhance the microphone's functionality. These include a foam windscreen to reduce wind noise, a lapel clip for attaching the microphone, a 1/4" adapter for compatibility with different devices, and a carrying case for convenient storage and transportation. 

The Boya BY-M1 Pro isn't just an impressive microphone in terms of features; it also excels in terms of technical specifications. The microphone utilizes a high-quality electret condenser transducer, which ensures superior audio capture. It boasts an impressive frequency range of 65 Hz to 18 kHz.

In conclusion, the Boya BY-M1 Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile clip-on lavalier microphone. Whether you're a presenter, performer, or content creator, the Boya BY-M1 Pro will undoubtedly meet your audio recording needs. Its impressive features and specifications make it a reliable tool for capturing high-quality audio, ensuring that your content always resonates with your audience.

The Boya BY-M1 Pro's design is directed on consumer experience. Its small and compact size, linked accompanying its lightweight type, manage an ideal tool for on-the-go inventors who need a lightweight and trustworthy mic. It surely attaches to clothing or added objects, freeing your hands to focus on giving your accomplishment or performance. The -10 dB pad switch is another feature that form the Boya BY-M1 Pro a foolproof design. Whether you're record in a loud concert or a quiet interview, this switch grants you to regulate the mic's sense to match the audio beginning's volume. This feature ensures that your recordings are continually clear and free from deformity, even in challenging environments.

With the increasing popularity of video content, creators often need to move around during filming. The Boya BY-M1 Pro's generous 6-meter cable length gives you the freedom to move around without worrying about straining or disconnecting the microphone. Whether you're walking around a set, filming a cooking tutorial, or presenting a fitness routine, this microphone keeps up with you.

The inclusion of several accessories is another testament to Boya's commitment to providing a complete package to its users. The foam windscreen helps in reducing wind noise, ensuring that your outdoor recordings are clear. The lapel clip securely fastens the microphone to your clothing, providing a stable recording experience. The 1/4" adapter expands the microphone's compatibility, making it a versatile tool for various recording devices.

The power pack of the Boya BY-M1 Pro also offers a useful feature: the headphone jack. This jack allows you to monitor your audio in real time, which is invaluable in ensuring your recordings are clear and of high quality. It eliminates the need for guesswork, providing you with the confidence that your recordings are turning out exactly as you want them.

From a technical perspective, the Boya BY-M1 Pro offers an excellent frequency range of 65 Hz to 18 kHz,1 kHz ensures that it picks up even the most subtle sounds, ensuring comprehensive audio capture. The 78 dB SPL signal-to-noise ratio ensures that your recordings are more sound than noise, providing a clear and high-quality audio experience for your audience.

In essence, the Boya BY-M1 Pro is an excellent choice for any content creator. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner starting your journey, this microphone offers a blend of user-friendly features and high-quality technical specifications. It's more than just a microphone; it's a comprehensive audio recording solution that ensures your voice is heard clearly, no matter where your content creation journey takes you.

From its thoughtful design to its superior audio quality, every feature of the Boya BY-M1 Pro works together to provide an excellent recording experience. With the Boya BY-M1 Pro clip-on lavalier microphone, you can focus on what truly matters – creating great content for your audience. With this reliable tool by your side, you're well-equipped to provide high-quality audio that complements your content and resonates with your audience.

There are types of  Boya By-M1 microphone

1. Boya M1.

2. Boya M1 pro.


The main difference between the Boya M1 and Boya M1 pro is that the Boya M1 pro comes with a headphone jack You can directly listen to your voice after recording you don't need to disconnect your microphone from your mobile or camera.Another thing in this Boya M1 pro is that you can cancel your noise till -10 db.


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There is a sticker on the box here is the security code that confirms that it is original, After removing the sticker you can see a security code and then insert in their website for verification.

Accessories which I got: Bag, manual book, warranty card, 6-meter wire, amplify pin, clips, external microphone.


Boya M1 Pro has a built-in noise reduction that helps to eliminate background noise and improve the overall sound quality. 

It is simple and sober, good for noise cancellation.we can use it for long-distance because it has a 6-meter long wire.Boya M1 is a highly affordable and versatile microphone that offers excellent value for money.

Genuine Or Fake:

First, you have to open https://www.boya-mic.com/securitycode.html.

Then write the security code which is provided on the top of the box after removing the sticker in Input field like 

Boya M1 pro Mic Testing:

You can compare my previous microphone k35 to the Boya M1 pro there is a huge difference in quality.I also check the awesome noise quality I was in a noisy environment but my voice is cleared mic was canceling the noise.

When purchasing the Boya By-M1 Pro, it is important to ensure that you are getting a genuine product and not a fake. It is always recommended to purchase from a reputable seller to ensure that you are getting a genuine product.

For a better understanding must watch a video.

Boya M1 pro Product Link:

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