How to Keep Your Facebook Secure in 2023: The 2-Minute Trick You Need to Know!

 We are discussing Facebook security.

How can we secure our Facebook account?

How can we save our accounts from hackers?

How can we save from people who can easily capture by force our password?

There is the privacy of our messages hidden from others, but some people crack our password and still our data or information.

Fortunately, I have a trick for saving our data, if any person has your id and password and who wants to see our messages or any information, we can have a trick to save from the eye of them.

It is a good thing for us.

Every Facebook user should know knowledge about a trick.

I will tell you how we can secure our Facebook data by using Mobile, and how we can secure our Facebook data by using a laptop.


  • Step 1: Open your Facebook account in the browser.
  • Step 2:Click your profile icon.
  • Step 3: Click Setting and Privacy.
  • Step 4: Again click Setting.

  • Must watch that have you added a number to your account?
  • Click Account Setting.
  • Edit Contact.
  • Add Mobile Number.
  • Now Enter a code that is sent to your mobile number.
If you already added a number previously so can simply skip this process.

  • Step 5: Security and Login.

  • Step 6: Open Two-Factor Authentication.
The main purpose of Two-factor Authentication is that whenever You hit your id and password Facebook will send you a Code from your mobile number. Any people who want to open your account,  will not be opened until you provide a code.

  • Step 7: Edit Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Step 8:   Open Text Message Service here.
  • Step 9:   Enter the code here which is sent to your number.
  • Step 10: Now Two-Factor Authentication is on.

Whenever you open your account there will be a message shown, Enter a code.

After that it will show again a message that saves the browser or not, if you want to use every time a new code to your account so don't save it to your browser. If you are using your personal laptop and don't want to hit a code again and again so save it to your browser.

If You want to check where is your account logged in so you can click security and Log in and check "Where you`ve login?"

If there is a device showing that you are logged in here but you didn`t so you can log out from there by clicking the three dots right side select log out.


  • STEP 1:   Login and click your DP.
  • STEP 2:   Click Setting.
  • STEP 3:   Scroll down click and personal Information for adding a number.
  • STEP 4:   Click Manage Contact info.
  • STEP 5:   Enter the Number and confirm it by code.
  • STEP 6:   Go back and back, then Click Security and Login.
  • STEP 7:   Scroll down and click Two-Factor Authentication.
  • STEP 8:   Select Text Message and continue.
  • STEP 9:   Enter a code.
  • STEP 10: Now Two-Factor Authentication is on.

Now where you have to write a pin code after hitting your id and password.
If you are using Gmail etc you have to open a Two-factor authentication for security purposes.

For a better understanding must watch a video.



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