How To Buy USDT On BINANCE In Pakistan & India P2P | Step By Step | Live DEAL

In this blog, we will purchase USDT from Binance using the P2P method available in Binance. I will tell you today how to purchase Safely and which points You should check before purchasing from the seller.

If you want to trade and buy a cryptocurrency coin, you need USDT first.

You can easily purchase USDT through the Binance app.

If you are from Pakistan you can purchase it through NAYApay, JazzCash, and your bank account.

If you are from India you can purchase it through PhonePay, UPI, Pay TM, and bank account and etc.

USDT is a stablecoin, Its value will be the same in other years.

Many other coins are unstable they can be changed in price value.

BUY USDT from Binance:

Open Binance application.

Click it.

Click P2P trading.

You can also come here by another method.

Click wallet, click funding, and click P2P.


Scroll down and check the seller's information.

What is your payment method? select a Payment method.

See the completion Ration, and how many trades? of the seller.

Check the crypto amount How much amount you want? match it.

I will select a Seller who has more trades and the completion ratio is also good, also check the limitation of the amount.

Click buy.

You can mention your amount in price or USDT.

If the seller has this amount that you wrote in the field, it will give otherwise refresh again and find another seller.

Click buy with 0 fees.

There will be the name of the seller and information shown.

Go Chat, Confirm whether he is online or not.

If he is offline so search for another seller.

If online then click Make payment.

Copy Seller`s Bank account number.

Open your Bank app, select Seller`s bank, and put the account number here, and confirm Title Name.

Send him the amount, and purpose online purchase.

Take a screenshot of sending information.

Then click Transfer Notify Seller in your Binance app.

Send also messages and screenshots.

If Seller is not giving you USDT you can report it.

Seller gives USDT then the Screen will be changed automatically.

Click Done.


Click Wallet, Click Funding, and Click Transfer.

Select Spot.

Select Amount.

and click Confirm Transfer.



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