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In this blog, we will talk about crypto wallets and learn to create a crypto wallet on trust wallet simply and easily.

A crypto wallet, also known as a cryptocurrency wallet, is a software program or a physical device that allows individuals to securely store, manage, and interact with their digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies.

It provides a way to securely store private keys, essentially cryptographic codes that grant access to the user's digital funds on the blockchain.

Normally, whenever you start using crypto wallets, first you have to need to create an account in exchange for trading.

Exchanges are Binance, OKEX, etc.

All exchanges are centralized, they give you a username and password.

You can trade through their funds.

But the funds are property of exchange, you are only a member of their funds.

This type of exchange is not secure, because your funds are not safe, they can be hacked.

In the past, most of the exchanges are hacked and the user`s account had empty.

If you want to keep Bitcoin or any other coin for the long term, these exchanges are risky for it.

These exchanges can be closed.


If you want to keep crypto for the long term so there is a solution use CRYPTO WALLET.

Crypto Wallets are Decentralized.

You can Manage your currency on your own.

If you are creating an account in Crypto Wallet, you will be provided a 12 or 24-word list this is also known as KEY.

Your all funds are saved in this KEY.

You can log in anywhere by using this KEY.

This KEY is very secure and private, if Hackers know the KEY then your account can be hacked.

You should write this KEY securely and save it always.

This KEY is not kept in your system or online it can be hacked or crashed, simply write on a page and keep it to your important documents.

There are many wallets you can create your crypto wallet but I am using TRUST WALLET.


It is a big Crypto platform.

It supports 4.5 million digital assets.

It is available on Android and iPhones, and you can use it as a Chrome extension also.


Goto google play and search Trust Wallet.

Download it.

It is made by DApps Platform, inc.

Click Open.

If you have already created an account then simply login in a way like this.

Click I already have a wallet.

Click Multi-coin Wallet.

In the first field, you have to write The Name.

In the Second field, you have to Write a KEY(12 words secret word list).

If you are new in a wallet then create an account in this way.

After opening an application of Trust Wallet.


It will be asked how will save your KEY so click it manually.

Click Backup Manually.

Tick all fields.

Click Continue.

Then 12 words will be shown so write in a document or paper and save carefully.

Write it and then Write it in a sequence.



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