Dinosaur Miposaur Unboxing

In this blog, I will unbox Robotic Dinosaur Miposaur, I will unbox this toy then we will test all hand gestures after this we will play with his trace ball and then connect to the application.

Here we have Intelligent Robot.

He has more functionalities:

  • He can understand hand gestures.
  • If you cover his eyes, he will react.
  • He can sit.
  • He can crack his ball.
  • He can sleep also.
  • He can get angry.
  • You can control him with a mobile application (Android, IOS).
  • It is an AI robot.

It is designed to be interactive and responsive, with the ability to respond to hand gestures and track objects using a built-in sensor.

The Miposaur has several different modes, including a remote control mode, a gesture control mode, and a mode where it can follow a trackball around. It also has various sensors that allow it to react to different stimuli, such as being patted on the head or pulling its tail.



  • A Dinosaur.
  • A Track Ball.
  • Instruction Book.

It has a moveable tail.

When we clap, it will react.

We have to insert Battery cells.

The trackball also has a button, we have to insert Battery cells in it.

  1. Gesture Control: The Miposaur can be controlled through hand gestures, allowing users to move it around and make it perform various actions.
  2. Trackball Control: The Miposaur can follow a trackball, which can be used to guide it around and perform various tricks.
  3. Autonomous Mode: The Miposaur can roam around on its own, avoiding obstacles and responding to stimuli.
  4. App Control: The Miposaur can be controlled using a mobile app, which allows users to access additional features and play games.
  5. Battle Mode: When in range of other WowWee robotic toys, such as the MiPosaur or Mini Roboraptor, the Miposaur can engage in battles and interact with other toys.
  6. Sound Effects: The Miposaur has various sound effects that it can make, such as roaring and growling.
  7. LED Lights: The Miposaur has built-in LED lights that can change colors and provide visual feedback.

The Miposaur has a range of functionalities that make it an engaging and interactive toy, providing hours of fun for children and adults alike.


Download MIPosaur app.

Open application.

First, Connect it.

Now you can make a route to it.

You can move left to right and up to down.

You can eat his food.


When I am using it, It is not moving on the route which I told him, Not getting hand gestures, and not controlling by Trackball, I am using good and new batteries in it but I do not know why he is not getting me properly which is watch in advertising not same as it is.



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