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In this blog, I will show you how you can check your order and trade history easily from your Binance application.

I will tell you that If you purchase a coin in Binance, Trading, sell and buy, set orders, put limits, coin purchases in p2p, or send USDT to another account, All types of History, You can check simply.

You can compare your sold coin price to the current coin price.


There are a few steps to know the information about Binance's History.

I will tell you step by step and in simple words.

To view your Binance order history, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Binance Application.

Step 2: Click More.

Step 3: Click Orders.

All Orders and history are saved here.

The first option is Open Orders:

Open orders are like stalk limits, limits orders, etc.

The order is filled: This means that your buy or sell order has been executed at the price you specified, and the corresponding amount of the asset has been credited to your account.

The order is canceled: This means that you have manually canceled the order before it was executed.

The order expires: This means that the order was not executed within the specified time period, and it has been automatically canceled by the system.

The Second option is Orders History:

In the order history, you can see details such as the order type, price, amount, and status of each order.

All successful and canceled orders are placed here.

You can check the order details of every coin.

You can check data about Orders as well as trading.

The Third option is Trade History:

In Trade History you can only check trading information.

What you sold and bought here.

It refers to the record of all your executed trades on the exchange. This includes all buys and sells that have been completed.

You can see details such as the trade type, price, amount, and status of each trade. You can also filter your trade history by specific trading pairs or time periods to help you analyze your trading activity.

Here is a Filter option also provided, you can filter data according to date, etc.

You can check according to week, month, and so on.

Step 4: For checking p2p buy history, deposit history, withdrawal history, etc.

Click Wallet.

Select Spot.

Click here which is shown in the picture.

After that, it will show you All history of coins.


Deposit History refers to the record of all the deposits you have made to your Binance account. This includes all cryptocurrency deposits, as well as deposits made through bank transfers, credit cards, and other payment methods.

In the withdrawal history, you can also see the status of each withdrawal, whether it has been completed or is still processing. If a withdrawal is processing, it means that the transaction is still being confirmed on the blockchain or by the payment processor

When you buy direct from a credit card it Shows in Buy.

There is many of history on this page like Sell, Convert, Trades, Transfer, Distributions, BNB convert, Auto convert, etc.



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