Unboxing the ULTIMATE Tripod for Your Videos | REVIEW

A tripod is a three-legged stand or frame used to support a variety of objects, including cameras, telescopes, surveying equipment, and lighting fixtures. The three legs of a tripod provide stability and balance.

Tripods are typically adjustable in height and angle, allowing for flexible positioning of the supported object.


Previously is very difficult for making a video without Tripod, then I ordered it let`s Unbox it.

It supports all sizes like Mobile, Tablet, big screen, and Camera.

Instructions are mentioned on its box.

There are four Steps for installation.

There are three accessories.

  1.  Folded stand.
  2.  Head for holding.
  3.  Table adjustment, Legs for balance tripod on the surface.

The stand is heavy, I think it can carry 1 or 2 kg.

Follow the instructions included with the tripod to assemble any remaining parts and attach the head if it was not already attached.


First we have to join all parts in sequence like the Mobile holder attach to the stand.

And another part fix to your table and tight the clip like:

now fix the tripod stand into it and tight screw.

Now it is ready for recording anything just put the mobile into the holder and adjust the stand according to your need, it will overhead of anything like 

It is very very helpful for making videos like any recipe for cooking, unboxing, or anything which wants to above part overhead of thing.

For a better understanding must watch a video.



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