Web 3.0 Explained In Simple Words | Web 1.0 And Web 2.0 Explained | Earn From Web 3.0

We will talk about 3.0 which means the third version of the internet.

First of all, we have to understand what is web 1.0 and what is 2.0? then we will understand Web 3.0.

I will explain in simple words.

Let's learn Web 1.0:

Basically, it starts from 1990 to 2005.

In Web 1.0 you can simply Read a Page, which is a static page like you can see an image.

here you can see that it is readable not interaction, you can not comment, can not create an account, can not share your views, there is no concept of video, simple images are shown, only banners advertising, 

Let's learn Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 is a Second version of the internet.

It started in 2005 and still running.

The measure features of it that you can Read and also Write.

Simply put, You are watching a youtube video here you can see and write a comment.

There is interaction included.

The speed of the internet is improved.

You can create an account.

You can search for anything.

It is a centralized system.

If you insert a video on a youtube channel there is a youtube wish that the video is shown or deleted.

Which ads are shown in the video and how much profit will give to YouTubers all are under the Youtube owner's control.

but there is a big issue of privacy.

when you search for anything on youtube after same ads will be shown on Facebook, Google, etc because data is sold online to companies.

 when you are talking about tours, eating, or purchasing anything then all ads about the same thing will be shown on mobile.

Let's learn Web 3.0:

This is the third version of the internet.

3.0 is a decentralized system.

we can Read-Write-OWN.

3.0 is a solution to privacy issues, and earning issues.

when you are sharing data then it goes to small servers like Blockchain. we can say are data is putting in a chain.

Hackers can not reach your data, it is saved from hackers.

When you upload a youtube video so 90% profit will be yours, all profits under you.

You OWN your youtube videos, youtube channel is controlled by you, if you want to show your video it will be shown otherwise hide it. you can select people who can watch it.

the best example of 3.0 is Torrent and CryptoCurrency which works like blockchain.

Data can not be down in 3.0.

Now let`s come to domains like: .COM, .NET, .PK and so on. They are all registered, not owned, Company can be suspended anytime. we are taking Hosting from a third party not owned.

But In 3.0 domains are known as NFT domains, like: .crypto, .blockchain, .888, .X, and so on.

These domains are only once time purchased and used for a lifetime.

You do not need to pay again and again, you owned it.

when you upload a file it will be saved in the cloud there is no need for servers.

3.0 has serverless hosting.

the question is when it will be released or has it released?

the answer is web 3.0 is coming slowly.

Earn from Web 3.0:

How can we earn from it?

In the banking system there are many restrictions:  You can not enough money withdraw, and there are limitations.

but crypto currency does not do this, it gives you your own, and you can transfer any amount or anytime. There is no restriction or limitation. It has all records saved.

Now come to NFT, people are selling digital arts here, and all records from one person to another person are maintained. but the owner will get profit continuously.

In Meta Verse, you can go, visit, and meet virtually. Meetings are conducted virtually. you can be shopping virtually. 3.0 is gradually coming.

You should learn it, and work on digital arts, new technologies, 3d paintings.

For a better understanding must watch a video.



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