Unboxing Halyx Aluminium 3 -Port USB 3.2 HUB

 The Halyx Aluminium 3-Port USB 3.2 HUB is a device that provides three additional USB 3.2 ports to your computer or other devices.

Its Generation is 3.2

It has three USB ports.

Three USB 3.2 Type-A ports, which can be used to connect various USB devices such as flash drives, external hard drives, keyboards, and mice.

The HUB is made of high-quality aluminum, which is durable and provides effective heat dissipation.

The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and ideal for travel.


After Unboxing Accessories are: Manuals, and a HUB.

You can see three USB ports and a Card Reader and also a Micro card reader.

It is type C.


I have already installed speed test software on my Mac laptop for testing the speed.

Select the target device Kingston and open it.

Select 1GB size.

It is 15MB write speed per second.

It is a 38.2MB Read speed.

Which is very bad.

M2 does not support my USB, which is why the speed is slow.

You have to read the specification and then purchase a USB according to its generation.

The Halyx Aluminium 3-Port USB 3.2 HUB may have different specifications or features depending on the manufacturer and the specific model.

For a better understanding must watch a video.



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