Power Strip 2500W/10A Best For Office | With USB Ports | Heavy Power Strip | Unboxing

A power strip with a rating of 2500W/10A means that it can handle a maximum power of 2500 watts and a maximum current of 10 amperes.

This is important to know because it helps you to determine the maximum number and type of devices that you can connect to the power strip safely. To calculate the maximum number of devices you can connect to the power strip, you need to know the power consumption of each device.

I ordered it for my office use.


After unboxing the accessory is Strong Wire with a white color power strip.

There are some USB Ports also.

The length of the wire is also good.

Here is a power light indicating that power is supplied.

You also can use Iron or big thing.

if you have three devices that consume 500 watts each, the total power consumption is 1500 watts. Since the power strip can handle a maximum of 2500 watts, it is safe to connect these devices to the power strip.

However, if you have a device that consumes more than 2500 watts, it should not be connected to the power strip as it may overload the strip and cause a fire hazard.

Similarly, if you have devices that draw more than 10 amperes of current, such as a high-powered vacuum cleaner or an air conditioner, you should not connect them to the power strip as it may exceed the maximum current rating and cause overheating or damage to the power strip.

It is always important to read the specifications and safety instructions of the power strip before using it and to use it responsibly to prevent accidents and damage to your equipment.

For a better understanding must watch a video.



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