Chroma Key Green Screen: Change Background Using Green Screen

The art of illusion, the magic of the cinema – it's all tied to a very peculiar tool: a wall of pure, vivid green. This is a green screen, otherwise known as a chroma key background. It's a technique akin to a magician's sleight of hand, a spectacle of invisibility cloaking within the realms of photography and video production. It's as if we have a secret key to open hidden worlds that you can't find in reality, a bridge to the uncharted territories of imagination.

In Movies: a scene of a daring hero fighting a monstrous dragon, high above a bustling city skyline. Reality check – there's no dragon, no city, not even a sky. There's just an actor, skillfully swinging at thin air, encased within a studio and the four walls of an incandescent green box. What appears to be a battle of epic proportions is actually a careful dance between the subject and the vibrant verdant surroundings.

This process is an act of digital alchemy. The uniform green background is filmed or photographed and later swapped with any digital imagery or video we can dream up. It's like having a blank canvas on which we can paint worlds, cities, creatures – the limit is only bound by our creativity.

But how does Chroma Key Green Screen work? The secret lies in the nature of the color green. In the world of digital colors, green is like a loud, easily identifiable voice in a quiet room. It stands out, it's different, allowing the special software to easily pick it out from the crowd. This facilitates the separation of our subject from the background with a precision that would make a surgeon's hand look shaky.

Green screen technology is a cornerstone, a backstage hero of the film and television industry. It provides the canvas for the fantastical flights of fancy, the incredible landscapes of foreign planets, the breath-taking special effects that make us gasp in awe. It allows filmmakers to create an immersive experience, making the unbelievable believable.

Like in this image, it is the green background and now I am replacing it with other background

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Now It is a secondary background that is not original but looks likes the original.


I ordered GreenScreen/GreenCloth/chromakey from online websites then unboxed it.

This wallpaper was 10 by 10 this was very good in quality.


You can change background using many Softwares but I am using World share filmora Software.


So first You have to insert Your Video with a green screen and a wallpaper whatever you want to replace it, then Select both like this

You can modify the length of a video, increase its length then double-click on the video there will be an option for chroma key here you can adjust shadow etc.

Now you can see my video background is changed.

For a better understanding must watch video:



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